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Job Description:
The Cellar Person is a pivotal part of our production team, responsible for beer from fermentation to packaging. Duties also include barrel work (sensory, transfers, maintenance), equipment cleaning, assisting the head brewer, record keeping, and inventory tracking, all while meeting all brewery cleanliness, sanitation, and safety standards. The position requires stellar communication, attention to detail, collaborative thought, critical thinking, problem solving, and a positive attitude. 

Monitoring and managing fermentations.
Harvesting yeast.
Dry hopping.
Carbonating beer.
Transferring and blending beer.
Clean tanks, brewhouse, and small parts using Standard Operating Procedures for CIP (Clean-in-Place)
Setup and breakdown for packaging days (gravity filler for bottles and canning line)
Barrel maintenance.
Record keeping of tasks completed.
Communicating issues.
Sensory analysis and quality control.

The Cellar Person will have the opportunity to produce wort as experience in our brewery is gained.

Experience and Character:
Candidates should have worked previously in a production brewery. First hand experience of running a canning line, and/or wort production, while not mandatory, will be a significant asset. 

The ideal candidate will be team oriented, work well with others, and display a desire and dedication to continuing their education in all aspects of brewing. He or she will be  focused, thoughtful, and open minded.

About Us
Kent Falls Brewing Company is a farm brewery based in Northwest Connecticut, where we operate a small production facility, tasting room, and farm. We self distribute our beer throughout the State. Working in a close knit-community driven supply chain is at the heart of our production philosophy. We brew all of our beers, regardless of style with 100% locally grown and malted grains and aim to work directly with growers for all our ingredients. 

Cellar Person is a full time job (40 hours per week) with a competitive salary, and employer-provided health and retirement benefits.

To apply, please email a resume and cover letter to [email protected] We look forward to hearing from you!