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Artwork for Berry Mint Gose beer

Berry Mint Gose

Our previous excursions into fermenting blueberries and using delicate mint additions in sour beers have come together in this expressive fruit forward gose. The light cooling sensations at the front of the palate brought about by mint counterbalance the blueberry kick to the tart base beer for a refreshing and engaging drinking experience.

Batch 1: Packaged 10/2/17

Taste Profiles

Crisp / Clean
1 out of 5
Hoppy / Bitter
1 out of 5
Malty / Sweet
3 out of 5
Dark / Roasty
1 out of 5
Fruit / Spice
4 out of 5
Sour / Tart / Funky
4 out of 5
Flavor Profile
Aging Method
Other Ingredients