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Retail Keg Info

Interested in putting Kent Falls on tap at your home, or getting a keg for a special event?
Here’s what you need to know!


Beer & Pricing

  • Available in 1/6 and 1/4 keg sizes
  • Price range from $100 - $160
  • Find our latest releases HERE

Rental & Deposit

  • All kegs have a $200 deposit
  • Taps are free to rent with a $50 deposit
  • Deposits refunded when kegs are returned

Pick Up & Returns

  • Pick ups and returns are at our Tasting Room
  • For Hours and Directions CLICK HERE
  • Delivery available for $30

Fill out the information below to reserve your keg.

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Preferred Keg Size
Do you need a tap/​hand pump for the keg?
If you do not have a kegeerator or draft system, you will need a way to pour the beer. Taps are rented at no cost, with a $50 deposit.

What Beer Would You Like?

1/6 Keg
1/​4 Barrel Keg
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