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It wasn’t long after we opened the brewery that we made friends with the folks that run and produce the delicious fruits of Shacksbury Cider. Their dedication to wild apples, native yeast and bridging classic and contemporary ciders are in our opinion some of the best in the business. As quickly as we became friends we have been talking about making something together. And at long last, the time is finally here to enjoy this labor of love.

Fast Friends, Slow Collabs is a brett lager with apples from Shacksbury Cider. Flush with fruit and fermentation nuance, but distinctively clean and sessionable. Suitable for enjoying with views of orchards, pastures, hills and mountains in either Connecticut or Vermont.

Packaged May 2019.

Taste Profile

Crisp / Clean
Hoppy / Bitter
Malty / Sweet
Fruit / Spice

Beer Stats

Flavor Profile
Aging Method
Other Ingredients
Kent Falls Brewing Co.