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Artwork for Multiverse [Neversink Apple Aperitif Barrel] beer

Multiverse [Neversink Apple Aperitif Barrel]

A very special beer for us. Multiverse, our imperial stout aged in Apple Aperitif barrels from our distillery, Neversink Spirits. Neversink Apple Aperitif is equally uncommon and delightful product among American distilleries; made in the style of Pommeau de Normadie it is two parts aged apple brandy to one part fresh-pressed bittersweet apple cider aged in French oak casks for up to 18 months.

Batch 1. Bottled March 2020.
This batch comes from the very first casks to produce our Apple Aperitif. Due to the initial “trial” nature of this process there is an extremely limited quantity available. 

Taste Profiles

Crisp / Clean
5 out of 5
Hoppy / Bitter
2 out of 5
Malty / Sweet
4 out of 5
Dark / Roasty
5 out of 5
Fruit / Spice
1 out of 5
Sour / Tart / Funky
0 out of 5