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Artwork for Neversink Select : Cask Finish Bourbon beer

Neversink Select : Cask Finish Bourbon

Neversink Select is a brand new product from our distillery, Neversink Spirits. A four year old wheated bourbon finished in Neversink Spirits’ Apple Aperitif casks; their signature take on the French classic, Pommeau. The apple aperitif, being a blend of fresh cider and brandy combines the best of both worlds: concentrated apple flavors found in brandy and fresh  and tannic apple character that comes from heirloom cider. The wheated bourbon is a perfect canvas for apple highlights found in the aperitif cask. The mellow complexities of wheat meet spice and vanilla from the new American oak are rounded out for a fuller bodied spirit by the Aperitif. A hint of sweetness closes out every sip.

Recommended to be enjoyed with a drop of water, or substituted into your favorite recipe for a Manhattan or Old Fashioned.