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March 9, 2019 12:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Everything is Everywhere is a blend of one, two, and three year old spontaneously fermented beers. The first component of this beer was brewed on April 9, 2015; less than two months after our first batch. Each subsequent winter we have dedicated a few evenings to filling our farm’s retired milk chiller turned cool ship in order to cool the wort outside overnight and allow the wild yeast, microflora and bacteria native to our farm to inoculate the wort before being transferred for long rest and maturation in oak barrels. This beer was blended and bottled on March 31, 2018 and is re-fermented in the bottle with honey from our friends Dan and Marlene Carr of Beavertide Farm in Falls Village, CT. Over the past year the beer has developed around a well choreographed weave of delicate funk and an acidity reminiscent of lightly preserved apricots and lemons.
350 bottles will be available.
$29 each, poured in our 4th anniversary glasses for a minimum of two people.
We will be pouring these bottles from a “basket” inspired by Belgian tradition that @foodcyclist made from spent barrels and our dairy barn-chain tap handles.
There will be a two bottle limit on bottles purchased to-go.
On site pours for Saturday:
Substrate – black lager
Petals – farmhouse ale brewed with triticale and dandelion petals
Tiny House (2018) – mixed culture wet hop farmhouse ale
Playback With A Twist – IPA with crystal, bravo, and mosaic
Equinox – dry hopped saison
Lillian – gose conditioned on heirloom tomatoes

Following the closing of our tasting room at 5pm, we will be heading to @ the Corner in Litchfield for our 4th consecutive anniversary tap takeover. Here is the list of beers that will be available:


Hollow – pilsner
Lillian – gose conditioned on heirloom tomatoes
Hypnopedia – brett lager aged in red wine barrels
Tiny House (2018) – mixed fermentation wet hop table beer
Petals – barrel aged farmhouse ale brewed with triticale and dandelion petals
Coffee Table – porter brewed with coffee
Equinox – dry hopped farmhouse ale
Partage – native table beer
Substrate – black lager
Scarcely More Articulate – barrel aged farmhouse ale brewed with buckwheat

Line Aversion – noble hop IPA
Super Sparkle – IPA
Sweatpants – pale ale
Coffee Milk Stout – stout brewed with lactose and coffee
Playback With A Twist – IPA
Waymaker – brett ipa (2018)
Ellita – baby saison
Canes – Connecticut wild ale brewed with raspberry canes
Coffeemaker – brett ipa with coffee (2018)
Candy Cap – imperial stout brewed with candy cap mushrooms and maple bark