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October 14, 2022

Opening Reception:

Friday, October 14th 2022
From 5-7pm in our Tasting Room

About the Artist:

Danielle Miskimen is a self taught lifestyle photographer who captures beautiful, bold moments in nature and between couples and families. She is particularly drawn to farm life as her parents live on a farm here in beautiful Litchfield county and she lives on 1,500 acres in rural Illinois.

The majestic Scottish Highlanders that live on Finnegan’s Farm, West have always been a favorite subject of Dane’s. Their expressive eyes and powerful horns make breathtaking images.

As an avid gardener, flowers have always held a special place in Dane’s heart. She enjoys capturing their beauty in both color and black and white. She hopes her photographs make viewers feel as if they are stepping into a dream. She loves to include and experiment with different photography techniques including the use of prisms and free lensing.

Dane has been published in the magazines Shutterup and The Ardent Lens.

In her spare time, Danee feels most at ease in nature, hiking, fishing, gardening and walking her beagle pup, Whitley. Whitley. She and Alec are expecting their first child at the end of December.