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May 20, 2022 - July 10, 2022

Opening Reception:

Friday, May 20th 2022
From 5-7pm in our Tasting Room

About the Artist:

Jane Bevans is a New York City/Cornwall, CT based painter who uses experimental juxtapositions of color to explore space, form, and composition. For decades, Bevans’ work focused on still lives and portraiture. Her iterative depictions involved studies of the onion, an allium critical to culinary practices across the globe, and one that does not reveal itself easily. Later studies involved cows, apples, and chickens. Recent works mark a transition in her practice.

The chaos of the current times, highlighted by the isolation we are forced to maintain, has altered Bevans’ work away from realism and towards abstraction. Bevans comes from an artistic family and finds inspiration in her brother’s paintings, her sister’s sculpture, her daughter’s costuming, and her husband’s design.