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August 1, 2019 - August 3, 2019

This week we will be releasing bottles of two fruited farmhouse ales in our tasting room.

All of the fruit we use in the brewery come directly from local farms or other farms that we have a relationship in less local areas. The overwhelming majority of fruit is wholesale where the farm is responsible for picking and preparing the fruit for us. These two beers are quite unique exceptions to the rule and we are extremely proud to be releasing them together. Each unique in character and story.

De La
a blend of barrel aged farmhouse ales brewed with triticale and buckwheat re-fermented on whole apricots, nectarines and peaches picked at Starberry Farm in New Preston, CT and March Farm in Bethlehem, CT. As a small farm Bob and Sally run a tremendous pick your own operation and had a bumper crop of apricots that needed to be picked.Last summer our distribution van had a surprise issue that prevented us from going out on the road. With most other tasks in the brewery taken care of we took advantage of the day, extra hands and the perfect timing of the season to go to our neighboring arm and pick apricots for this beer.  What otherwise might have fallen to the ground and gone for seconds at best, or simply composted into the soil became the heart of this beautiful beer.

Very apricot forward, big aromas with a fleshy peach finish.
$15 per 500ml bottle including tax
6.4% alc by vol.

Ready To Drum
A blend of barrel aged triticale and rye farmhouse ales re-fermented on dry farmed blueberries.. A few years back we went down to North Carolina to pour beer at a festival and quickly became friends with Lyndon and Amy from Botanist and Barrel. Every year at our hop fest we invite friends from far and wide to take part in our harvest celebration and we were ecstatic when we heard that the whole B&B team was going to be joining us. We quickly made a plan to collaborate – trade barrels and were surprised when we were brought 300# of their dry farmed blueberries with them. Dry farming creates intense flavors in berries which certainly comes through in the beer. While they may not drive their blueberries up every year, we certainly plan on keeping this ingredient around!
Bone dry, light morality and a soft blueberry sweetness to balance the acidity.
$15 per bottle including tax
6.9% all by vol

Tasting room is open 2-7pm on Thursday and Friday and 12-5pm on Saturday.