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April 1, 2019 12:00 am - April 16, 2019 12:00 am

This week we will be releasing two special beers for distribution. These beers were brewed in the summer of 2018 with close friends from Arizona and Pamplona, Spain.

Hypnopedia is brewed with our friends from Arizona Wilderness. This project was born out of friendship and a shared value of working to create local supply chains for our beer. For this beer we brewed a lager with malted barley from both Arizona and Connecticut’s first respective malt houses. Sinagua Malt, from Camp Verde Arizona is born out of an effort to plant barley as a means to decrease the effects of erosion on their riverbeds. Once successfully planted and grown, harvesting and malting was a fluid progression. Similarly, our Connecticut grown malt from Thrall Family Malt is about conservation. Their farmland has been in operation for nearly 400 years and the switch to malting barley looks to be the future of their farm.

After a traditional lager fermentation in stainless steel this beer was transferred to fresh red wine barrels where it was inoculated with our house Brettanomyces cultures and allowed to age at moderate temperatures for five months. Over this time the beer developed structures and character reminiscent of some of our farmhouse ales, while retaining it’s composition as a lager. It was then transferred back into stainless for a month of lagering and slow carbonation before packaging.

**The bottles of this beer do not list the name Hypnopedia on the label due to TTB request.**


Lillian is a collaboration that runs deeper than two breweries coming together to make a beer reflective of themselves and their curiosity. This beer is something we talked about in the brewery for quite some time. There are moments on the farm that own certain smells and experiences. Pruning tomato vines, getting fresh plant resin on your hands as you pick and eat some tomatoes as the sun beats down on your from above is something we are immensely fond of and only topped by taking a larger tomato inside, slicing and dressing it with some salt flakes. This beer captures that feeling.

This beer was brewed in July of 2018, but planning started well before that. In the winter we made plans with our dear friend and supremely talented farmer, all around boss Megan from Marble Valley Farm. We shared our vision for a light sour brewed with a delicate salinity conditioned upon orange and yellow tomatoes. After much discussion we settled on a small selection of our favorite varieties. Lillian is one of these varieties.

This beer, like only a few in the brewery over the course of the year was firmly scheduled so that we could take tomatoes fresh from the vine at peak season and add them to the conditioning beer. After all, 100 lb of these specific varieties is not an easy thing to make up if the opportunity is missed. Our friends from Naparbier and Shelton Brothers ended up planning a trip that would take them through our neighborhood that day and we adjusted to incorporate their house cultures in the acidification process of the beer as well.

The result is, as envisioned a recollection of summer days in the tomato patch, memories of selling tomatoes to food coops and restaurants in New York City before the brewery opened, and the feeling of worlds melding.


Beginning Thursday, April 11 both bottles will be available for on-site pours in the tasting room as well as to go.

Hypnopedia, 500ml, $9 each including tax
Lillian, 500ml, $9 each including tax


The following accounts are also set to receive delivery:

189 Sports Cafe (Brookfield) | Tiny House
Ancona’s Ridgefield | Hypnopedia, Lillian, Awkward Hug, Just Gonna, The Hollow
Bantam Market | Hypnopedia, Lillian
Barcade (New Haven) | Tiny House
Bin 228 Gastropub (Glastonbury) | Vague Reassurance
Bottle Stop Newtown | Substrate, Vague Reassurance
Cap Cork & Cellar (Greenwich) | The Hollow, Just Gonna, False Imperative
Classic Liquor (New Milford) | Hypnopedia, Lillian
Coal & Daisies (Branford) | Vague Reassurance
Coalhouse Pizza (Stamford) | Just Gonna, Vague Reassurance, The Hollow, Hypnopedia
Community Table (New Preston) | The Hollow
Cork Fine Wine (Torrington) | Hypnopedia, Lillian
County Wine & Spirits (New Preston) | The Hollow, Vague Reassurance
Cover Two Sports Bar (Sandy Hook) | Just Gonna
Craft 260 (Fairfield) | The Hollow
Eastend Restaurant (Greenwich) | Hypnopedia
Essex Wine | Hypnopedia, False Imperative, Lillian, The Hollow
Fairfield Wine | False Imperative, Awkward Hug
Forest City Wine & Spirits (Middletown) | Coffee Table, Shruggie
Foundry Kitchen & Tavern (Sandy Hook) | Tiny House, The Hollow
Grano Restaurant (Cheshire) | The Hollow, Hypnopedia
Harry’s Wine & Liquor (Fairfield) | False Imperative, Lillian
Harvest Wine & Spirits (W Hartford) | Vague Reassurance, Lillian, Hypnopedia
Harvest Wine & Spirits 2 (W Hartford) | Hypnopedia, Lillian, False Imperative
Highgate Liquor Shop (Watertown) | Lillian, Vague Reassurance
Iron Horse Simsbury | Tiny House, The Hollow
Jesup Hall (Westport) | Anomaly 3, Lillian
Kamans Glastonbury | Shruggie
Kent Wine | The Hollow, Hypnopedia
Kindred Spirits & Wine (Monroe) | Shruggie, Lillian
La Bella Vita Wines & Liquors (New Haven) | Lillian, Shruggie, Awkward Hug, Just Gonna, Hypnopedia
Labonne’s Market (Woodbury) | Lillian, Just Gonna
Lafayette Wine (Vernon) | Doubly Awkward
Livs Oyster Bar (Old Sybrook) | Lillian
Local Kitchen (Fairfield) | The Hollow, Hypnopedia, Tiny House
Main Street Pint and Plate (Bristol) | Hypnopedia
Mecha Noodle Bar (S Norwalk) | Hypnopedia
New Milford Spirit Shoppe | Shruggie, Awkward Hug
Ninety 9 Bottles (Norwalk) | Shruggie, Just Gonna
Old Greenwich Social Club | Tiny House
Swyft (Kent) | Line Aversion
Parkview Wine & Spirit (W Hartford) | Just Gonna
Parrott Delaney Tavern (New Hartford) | Tiny House
Pippa’s Sports Cafe (Danbury) | Just Gonna
Prime 16 (New Haven) | Lillian
Que Whiskey Kitchen (Southington) | Lillian
Spigot Beer (Norwalk) | Lillian, Anomaly 3, Tiny House, Hypnopedia
Super Cellar (Avon) | Just Gonna, Lillian
Super Discount Wine & Spirits (Fairfield) | Substrate, Awkward Hug
Taphouse 150 (Rocky Hill) | Shruggie, Vague Reassurance
Taprock Beer Bar + Refuge (Unionville) | Awkward Hug, Vague Reassurance
The 202 Tavern (New Preston) | The Hollow
The Beer Collective (New Haven) | Anomaly 3
The Hops Company (Derby) | Anomaly 3, Just Gonna
The Parlor (Wilton) | Tiny House, Vague Reassurance
Three Sheets (New Haven) | Tiny House
Trumbull Kitchen (Hartford) | Vague Reassurance
Universal Package Store (Storrs) | Awkard Hug, Doubly Awkward, Lillian
Village Cork & Keg (Granby) | Awkward Hug, Just Gonna, Lillian
Westbrook Lobster Clinton | Lillian, Tiny House
Westwood Wine & Spirits (Guilford) | Lillian, Vague Reassurance
Whole Food Glastonbury | Awkward Hug, False Imperative
Whole Foods W Hartford | Substrate, False Imperative, Just Gonna
Wines & Beyond (Norwalk) | Hypnopedia, Lillian, Vague Reassurance, The Hollow
Wine Market (Oxford) | The Hollow, Just Gonna
Wine & Spirits At Roxbury Station | Just Gonna, Lillian, The Hollow
Worldwide Wine & Spirits (Southington) | Lillian, Vague Reassurance
Worldwide Wine Cellar (Tolland) | Hypnopedia, Lillian, Vague Reassurance
Yankee Wine (Newtown) | Hypnopedia, Lillian