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December 27, 2019 - December 30, 2019

On Thursday December 27th we will be releasing the first bottles of Non Linear Thought in our tasting room.

Non Linear Thought is a noble hop pale ale re-fermented on second use apricots, peaches and nectarines picked at neighboring farms in the summer of 2018. Second use fruits offer a different take on the idea of coaxing maximum flavor out of your ingredients. Most of the fruit’s sugars are consumed by the original beer that they were added to, but what is left is equally beautiful and full of flavor. Subtle peach and apricot notes with a significantly lower acidity hit it off swimmingly with floral and earthy notes of noble hops of the new beer to which they are being introduced. A delicate dry hop before bottling and residual wild yeast from the fruit and first farmhouse ale produce a beer that is ready to drink now and sure to develop as it ages.

Bottled August 2019 | 6% alc. by vol.

750 ml
$13 each including tax

1.5 L 
$35 each including tax