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January 19, 2023

Community Coolship +Tasting

Thursday, January 19th 2023
From 6-7pm outside the Brewery

About the Event:

Making spontaneously fermented beer is a special process unlike anything else we do here. In 2019 we began opening up our coolship nights to the public to share in the mystique of this low-intervention, hyper seasonal process. Our “Community Coolship” is open to all (just bring a coat). This year we are adding a new element, a curated tasting of our favorite spontaneously fermented beers to date.

Tasting will include:

Everything is Everywhere
Three year blend of spontaneously fermented beer.
2018 and 2020 vintages

Surroundings 1
Single barrel of four-year old spontaneously fermented beer from our first fill of the coolship in 2015.

Surroundings 4
An unreleased single barrel.

Only 15 spots are available.

Join us for this special opportunity to talk and taste through our journey of making these wild and mystical beers.

Reservations can be purchased at our tasting room or online through our online store.

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