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May 26, 2020 7:00 am - June 8, 2020 7:00 pm

This week we are distributing a new batch Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ and Line Aversion.

Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ, our newest IPA, and one we have quickly fallen in love with making. All of our ingredients are direct from the farm; our favorite malts from Thrall Family Malt and Valley Malt, and hops from independent farms in NY, OR, and MI to produce this bright, punchy, pineapple and hibiscus forward IPA.

Line Aversion, is brewed with pilsner malt and hopped with select new world low alpha/noble hops for a bouquet of orange blossom and melon.


To order these beers online visit

Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ – $15 per four pack
Line Aversion – $16 per four pack

all prices include tax

Pickup hours
Tuesday – Thursday 3:30 – 5:00 pm
Friday – Saturday 3:30 – 6:00 pm

Bars/Restaurants Receiving Deliveries

@ The Corner (Litchfield) | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ, Besmoke, People Power
Blind Pig Pizza Company (Hartford) |
Bridgewater Village Store & Bistro |
Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ, Line Aversion
Camille’s Pizza (Tolland) | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ
Eli Cannon’s Tap Room (Middletown) |
Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ. 2020, People Power
G.W. Tavern (Washington Depot) | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ
Giovanni’s Brick Oven Pizzeria (Glastonbury) | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ
J Timothy’s Tavern (Plainville) | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ, Line Aversion
Little City Pizza (Avon) | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ, Line Aversion
Taphouse 150 (Rocky Hill) | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ
Uncommon Grill (Watertown) | People Power
Widow Brown’s Cafe (Brookfield) | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ, Line Aversion

Package stores receiving delivery

574 Wines & Spirits (Monroe) | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ, Line Aversion, Yeesh!, Danny Boy, Equinox
Amity Wine & Spirits (Hamden) |
Amity Wine & Spirits (New Haven) |
Line Aversion, Equinox
Ancona’s Ridgefield |
Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ, Line Aversion
Ansonia Wine & Liquor | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ
Bantam Market
 | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ. The Hollow, Equinox
BevMax New Milford | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ. Line Aversion, The Hollow, Equinox
Boston Turnpike Wine & Spirit (Coventry) | Line Aversion, Equinox
Bottle Shop (Unionville) | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ, Danny Boy, Equinox, Line Aversion
Brandy & Brew (North Windham) | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ, Line Aversion, Yeesh!, Equinox, Danny Boy
Branford Wine & Spirits | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ. Line Aversion
Brookfield County Wine & Spirits | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ. Line Aversion
Brooklyn Northeast Wine & Spirit |
Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ. Line Aversion, The Hollow
Brookside Discount Wine & Liquor
| Line Aversion
Candid Wine & Spirit (North Haven) | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ, Line Aversion
Cap Cork & Cellar (Greenwich) |
Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ. Line Aversion, Danny Boy
Caraluzzi’s Nutmeg Discount Liquor (Bethel) |
Caraluzzi’s Wine & Spirits (Danbury) | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ, Line Aversion, Yeesh!
Cellar XV Wine Market (Ridgefield) | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ. Line Aversion
Center Spirit Shoppe (Canton) | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ, Line Aversion, The Hollow, Yeesh! , Danny Boy, Equinox
Citarella Winnes & Spirits (Greenwich) | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ. Line Aversion
Classic Liquors (New Milford) | Line Aversion, Yeesh!
Columbia Package Store |
Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ, Line Aversion
Cork & Barrel (Hamden) | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ, Line Aversion, Yeesh!, Equinox
Cornwall Package Store | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ
Crazy Bruce’s Liquor (Bristol) | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ, Line Aversion
CT Beverage Mart (New Britain) | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ, Line Aversion
CT Beverage Mart (Newington) | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ
CT Beverage Mart (Wallingford) |
Line Aversion
Essex Wine & Spirit | Line Aversion
Five Corners Wine & Spirits Shop (Ellington) | Line Aversion, Danny Boy, Equinox, Yeesh!
Geissler’s Supermarket (Granby) | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ. Line Aversion, Danny Boy, Equinox, The Hollow
Geissler’s Supermarket (Windsor) | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ, Line Aversion, Equinox
Giovanna’s Wines & Liquors (Stamford) | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ, Line Aversion, Equinox
Greenfield HIlls Wines & Spirits (Fairfield) | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ, Line Aversion
Harry’s Wine & Liquor (Fairfield) | Line Aversion, Waggle
Ives Road Wine & Spirit (Wallingford) | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ. Line Aversion
Kaman’s Glastonbury | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ. Line Aversion
Kindred Spirits & Wine (Westport) | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ, Line Aversion, The Hollow
La Bella Vita Wines & Liquors (New Haven) | Line Aversion
Lafayette Wine & Liquor (Vernon) | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ, Line Aversion
Liquor Superstore (Watertown) | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ, Line Aversion
M&R Liquors |
Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ. Line Aversion
Milldale Liquor Shoppe (Southington) | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ, Line Aversion
Neil’s Fine Wine & Liquors (Ellington) | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ. Line Aversion
Nejaimes Wine & Spirits (Watertown) | Line Aversion
Nejaime’s Wine & Spirits (New Milford) | Line Aversion
Nick’s Chilled & Distilled (Sandy Hook) | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ, Line Aversion
Ninety 9 Bottles (Norwalk)
| Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ. Line Aversion
Ninety 9 Bottles (Shelton) | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ, The Hollow, Danny Boy
North Madison Wine & Spirits | Line Aversion, Yeesh! Danny Boy
Oak Barrel Wine & Spirits (Newtown) | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ, Line Aversion
Paradise Wines & Spirits (Old Saybrook) | Line Aversion
Premier Wines & Spirits Warehouse (Newtown) | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ, The Hollow, Equinox
Putnam Spirits | Line Aversion, Danny Boy, Equinox
Riley’s Liquor Store (Vernon) | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ. Line Aversion
River & Rail Cafe (New Milford) | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ
Sav-Rite Liquors (North Haven) | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ
Sharon Package Store |
Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ. Line Aversion
Sherman IGA | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ, Line Aversion, Yeesh!
South Main Liquor & Wine (Plantsville) | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ. Line Aversion
Southington Wine & Spirits | Line Aversion
Stew Leonard’s Norwalk | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ, Line Aversion
Suburban Liquor (Rocky Hill) | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ
Spirit of 67 (Oxford) |
Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ. ¯_(ツ)_/¯
Super Cellar (Avon) | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ. Line Aversion
That’s The Spirit Shoppe (Essex) | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ, Line Aversion
The Grapevine (Westport) |
Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ, Equinox
The Wise Old Dog (W Hartford) | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ
Tony’s Package Store (E Haddam) | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ, Line Aversion
Town & Country Liquors (Bethany) | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ. Line Aversion
Village Cork & Keg (Granby) | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ. Line Aversion, Yeesh!, Danny Boy, Equinox
Village Wine Cellar (Litchfield) | Line Aversion, Yeesh!, The Hollow
Wagon Wheel Wine & Spirits (Stamford) | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ, Line Aversion, Danny Boy
Warehouse Wine & Liquor (Southbury) | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ. Line Aversion
West Street Wines & Spirits (Simsbury) | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ, Line Aversion, The Hollow
Whole Foods Bishops Corner (W Hartford) | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ. Line Aversion, Yeesh!
Whole Foods Darien | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ. Line Aversion, Danny Boy, The Hollow
Whole Foods Greenwich | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ
Whole Foods West Hartford | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ, Danny Boy
Whole Foods Westport | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ, Danny Boy
Willowbrook Spirit Shoppe (Cromwell) | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ
Wines Etc (Simsbury) | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ, Line Aversion, The Hollow
Wines & Spirits @ Roxbury Station | Danny Boy, Yeesh!
Worldwide Wine & Spirits (Southington) | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ, Line Aversion
Worldwide Wine Cellar (Tolland) | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ
Yankee Wine & Spirit (Newtown) | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ