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June 14, 2021 - June 24, 2021

Distribution Details for the week of June 14.

This week our tasting room will now be open on Fridays from 2-7pm in addition to our weekend hours Saturday & Sunday 12-5pm!

Our self-distribution rolls on with a fresh batch of Awkward Hug.

Awkward Hug

Awkward Hug is an all time favorite on the farm; made with Connecticut grown grains and hopped with Citra® and Azacca® for a melon, tropical lime, and citrus burst.

The Hollow
A pilsner inspired by our small area of Kent, reminiscent of hills, open pasture, and a hint of straw and hay in the air, The Hollow is a beautiful presentation of the light honey and clover character we get from Endeavor, our favorite Northeastern grown barley.

Along with these two beers we will be restocking our retail partners with freshly canned Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ .

Made a combination of our favorite Northeastern/Connecticut grown malts from Valley and Thrall Family Malt, and hops selected from farms in NY and Oregon.
Refreshing grapefruit, hints of pineapple, strawberry and orange with a little piney anchor to it.

2021 is a Simcoe® farmhouse ale made with Northeastern grown Endeavor barley, Connecticut grown Emmer and hopped with a blend of whole-cone aged Simcoe® for a delicate overripe fruit and hop funk with a charge of current crop Simcoe® pellets for a bright burst of orange and pine. Pleasingly tart, and hyper refreshing.
4.7% abv

Wavy Nature
A blend of oak aged pale ale and oak aged farmhouse ales conditioned together on yellow peaches. A wave of hops, juicy stone fruit with a bright refreshing tartness.
5.6% alc. by vol.

 Cellar Eyes Sabro™ 
Cellar Eyes Sabro is an oak aged pale ale made with Connecticut grown, malted and flaked barley, wheat, and oats. Hopped in the kettle and before bottling with Sabro for a coconut and soft stone fruit vibe, it gets its structure and bright acidity from 6-8 months in oak with our house cultures.
5.6% alc by vol.


To order these beers online for barnside pickup

Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ – $15 per four pack
Awkward Hug – $17 per four pack
Ales for ALS – $17 per four pack
The Hollow – $13 per four pack

all prices include tax

Visit our store for a full selection of our beer available for barnside pickup

Barnside Pickup Hours (To Go Only)
Thursday 3:30 – 5pm

Tasting Room Hours (On Site Pours)
Friday 2 – 7pm
Saturday 12 – 5pm
Sunday 12 – 5pm

Bars/Restaurants Receiving Deliveries

@ The Corner (Litchfield) | Ales for ALS ipa
Bin 228 Gastropub (Glastonbury) | Awkward Hug
Bleachers (Bristol) | Awkward Hug
Bridgewater Village Store & Bistro | The Hollow, Awkward Hug, Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ
Cover Two Sports Bar (Sandy Hook) | The Hollow
Da Capo (Litchfield) |
The Hollow
Dockside (Milford) | 
Eastend Restaurant (Greenwich) |
Awkward Hug, Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ, The Hollow
Engine Room (Mystic) |
Back Pasture, Cellar Eyes Sabro™, Awkward Hug
Fenton River Grill (Mansfield Center) | Ales for ALS ipa, Back Pasture
Five Corners Craft Bistro + Craft Bar (Farmington) | Awkward Hug
Giovanni’s Brickoven Pizzeria (Glastonbury) | The Hollow
Hopkins Vineyard (New Preston) | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ, The Hollow, Awkward Hug
J Timothy’s Tavern (Plainville) | Awkward Hug
Jealous Monk (Mystic) | 
Lillian’s Cafe (Niantic) |
Back Pasture, The Hollow
Little Pizza (Avon) | Awkward Hug, Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ
Liv’s Oyster Bay (Old Saybrook) |
The Hollow
Local Kitchen & Beer Bar (Fairfield) |
Awkward Hug
Metro Bis (Simsbury) |
The Hollow
Millwrights (Simsbury) | 
Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ, Awkward Hug
Old Greenwich Social Club | Ales for ALS ipa, Awkward Hug, Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ
Penny Labe Pub (Old Saybrook) | Besmoke
Pizzeria Marzano (Torrington) | Ales for ALS ipa, Back Pasture, Cellar Eyes Sabro™ 
Sole (New Canaan)
| The Hollow
The Hops Company (Derby) | Awkward Hug
The Main Pub (Manchester) | Awkward Hug
The Roadhouse (Redding) | Awkward Hug
The Whelk (Westport) | The Hollow
The Woodland (Lakeville)
| Awkward Hug, The Hollow
Walrus Alley (Westport) | Awkward Hug, The Hollow
Westrbook Lobster (Clinton) | 
Awkward Hug
Widow Brown’s Cafe (Brookfield) | Awkward Hug, Ales for ALS ipa, The Hollow

Retailers Receiving Deliveries

Amity Wine & Spirits (Hamden) | Awkward Hug, The Hollow
Amity Wine & Spirits (New Haven) | Awkward Hug
Ancona Wines (Ridgefield) | Awkward Hug, The Hollow, Wavy Nature, 2021
Bantam Market | Awkward Hug, The Hollow
BevMax Danbury | Awkward Hug
BevMax New Milford | Awkward Hug
BevMax Stamford (Bedford St) | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ, The Hollow
BevMax Stamford (E Main St) | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ, The Hollow
Bottle Stop Avon | Awkward Hug, Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ, The Hollow
Bottle Stop Newtown | Awkward Hug
Brandy & Brew | Awkward Hug, Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ
Brooklyn North East Wine & Spirits | Awkward Hug, Cellar Eyes Sabro™, Wavy Nature, 2021
Caraluzzi’s Nutmeg Discount Liquors (Bethel) | Awkward Hug, The Hollow, 2021, Cellar Eyes Sabro™, Wavy Nature
Caraluzzi’s Wine & Spirits (Danbury) | Awkward Hug
Castle Wine (Westport) | Awkward Hug
Cheers Package Store (E Hampton) | Awkward Hug, Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ
Citarella Wine & Spirits (Greenwich) | Awkward Hug, Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ
Classic Liquors (New Milford) | Awkward Hug
Coastal Wine & Spirit (Branford) | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ, The Hollow
Colchester Wine & Spirits |
Awkward Hug, Back Pasture
College Wine & Liquor (Enfield) | Awkward Hug
Cork & Barrel (Hamden) | Awkward Hug, Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ 
Cork Fine Wine (Torrington) | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ, Awkward Hug, The Hollow
Cornwall Package Store | 
Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ, Awkward Hug, The Hollow
Cost Cutter Liquors Of Plainfield | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ, Awkward Hug
Cost Less Wine & Spirits (Stamford) |
Awkward Hug
CT Beverage Mart (Wallingford) | Awkward Hug, Back Pasture
Enoteca Casanova (New Haven) | Awkward Hug, The Hollow
Frank’s Package Store (Guilford) | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ, Awkward Hug, The Hollow
Geissler’s Supermarket (Granby) | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ 
Giovana’s Wines & Liquors (Stamford) | Awkward Hug, Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ
Glenville Wines (Greenwich) | Awkward Hug
Harry’s Wine & Liquor (Fairfield) | Awkward Hug, Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ, The Hollow, Neversink Bourbon
Harvest Wine & Spirits (Farmington Ave – W Hartford) | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ, The Hollow, Awkward Hug, 2021, Wavy Nature
Harvest Wine & Spirits (New Britain Ave – W Hartford) | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ, Awkward Hug, 2021, Wavy Nature
Heritage Discount Wine & Liquor (New Fairfield) | Awkward Hug
In Higher Spirits (Fairfield) | 
Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ, Awkward Hug
International Wine & Spirits (Middlebury) |
Awkward Hug, The Hollow
Ives Road Wine & Spirits (Wallingford) | 
Awkward Hug, Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ 
Kent Wine & Spirits | 
Awkward Hug, Wavy Nature, Grise
Kindred Spirits & Wine (Fairfield) | Awkward Hug
La Bella Vita Wines & Liquors (New Haven) | 
¯_(ツ)_/¯, The Hollow
Labonne’s Market (Woodbury) | Awkward Hug, The Hollow
Lafayette Wine & Spirits (Vernon) | Awkward Hug
Lake Wine & Spirits (Southbury) | Awkward Hug
Litchfield Hills Wine Market | 
Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ, The Hollow
Mill Plane Package Store (Danbury) |
Awkward Hug
Mo’s Wine & Spirits (Fairfield) |
Awkward Hug, Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ, The Hollow
M & R Liquors (S Windsor) |
Awkward Hug, The Hollow
M & R Liquors (Manchester) | Awkward Hug, The Hollow
M & R Liquors (Farmington) | Awkward Hug
M & R Liquors (Southington) | Awkward Hug, The Hollow
M & R Liquors (Avon) | Awkward Hug, The Hollow
M & R Liquors (Glastonbury) | Awkward Hug, The Hollow
Neil’s Fine Wine (Ellington) | Awkward Hug
Nick’s Chilled & Distilled (Sandy Hook) | Awkward Hug
Ninety 9 Bottles (Westport) | Awkward Hug
Northridge Wine & Spirits (Danbury)
| Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ
Northville Market (New Milford) | Awkward Hug, Back Pasture, The Hollow
Palmer’s Darien | Awkward Hug
Rick’s Wine & Spirits (Sharon) | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ, Awkward Hug
Rowayton Wine Shop (Norwalk) | Awkward Hug
Sachem Wine & Spirit (Guilford) | Awkward Hug
Spencer & Lynn Wine Merchants (Mystic) |
Stateline Wine & Spirit (E Canaan) |
Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ, Awkward Hug, The Hollow
Stew Leonard’s Norwalk | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ, Awkward Hug
Stewart’s Wine & Spirits (New Canaan) | Awkward Hug, The Hollow
Super Cellar (Avon) | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ, Awkward Hug, Wavy Nature
Total Wine & More (Milford) | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ, Awkward Hug, Wavy Nature, 2021, Cellar Eyes Sabro™, Grise
Total Wine & More (Norwalk) | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ, Awkward Hug, 2021, Cellar Eyes Sabro™, Grise
Total Wine & More (W Hartford) | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ, Awkward Hug, 2021, Cellar Eyes Sabro™, Grise
Town & Country Discount Liquor (Plainville) | Awkward Hug, Back Pasture
Valley Fine Wines (Simsbury) | Awkward Hug, The Hollow, Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ 
Village Cork & Keg (Granby) | 
Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ, The Hollow, Awkward Hug, Back Pasture, Besmoke, 2021, Wavy Nature, Cellar Eyes Sabro™ 
Village Wine Cellar |
 Awkward Hug, The Hollow
Wagon Wheel Wine & Spirits (Stamford) | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ, The Hollow
Warehouse Wine & Liquor (Mill Plane Rd – Danbury) |
Awkward Hug, The Hollow
Whole Foods Glastonbury | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ, Awkward Hug
Whole Foods Greenwich | Awkward Hug, The Hollow
Wine Market (Oxford) | Awkward Hug, Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ 
Wine Etc (Granby) |
Awkward Hug, The Hollow
Wine Etc (Simsbury) | Awkward Hug
Wine & Spirits @ Roxbury Station | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ, ¯_(ツ)_/¯, Delve 
Yankee Wine & Spirits (Newtown) | Awkward Hug

To purchase from the brewery for barnside pickup visit