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June 1, 2020 7:00 am - June 14, 2020 7:00 pm

The following businesses in Connecticut will be receiving delivery of our beer this week:

Bars/Restaurants Receiving Deliveries

Eli Cannon’s Tap Room (Middletown) | Fast Friends, Grisé
Fenton River Grill (Mannsfield Center) | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ, Line Aversion, Danny Boy
Millwrights Restaurant (Simsbury) | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ, Line Aversion, Yeesh!, Equinox

Package stores receiving delivery

Ancona’s Ridgefield | Yeesh! Equinox
Boston Turnpike Wine & Spirit (Coventry) | Line Aversion, Danny Boy, Equinox
Cap Cork & Cellar (Greenwich) |
Line Aversion, Danny Boy
Classic Liquors (New Milford) | Line Aversion, Yeesh!
Coastal Wine & Spirit (Branford) |
Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ, Equinox, Line Aversion
Cork Fine Wine (Torrington) | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ, Line Aversion
Country Road Wine & Spirits (Marlborough)| Line Aversion
Crown Liquors (Seymour) | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ, Line Aversion
Daly’s Corner Package Store (W Hartford) | Line Aversion
Geissler’s Supermarket (Granby) | Danny Boy
Geissler’s Supermarket (Somers) | Line Aversion, Yeesh!
Geissler’s Supermarket (South Windsor) | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ, Line Aversion, Equinox
Harry’s Fine Wine (Vernon) | Line Aversion, Yeesh!
Highgate Liquor Shop (Watertown) | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ, Line Aversion
Kaman’s Glastonbury | Line Aversion, Danny Boy
Kindred Spirits & Wine (Fairfield) | Line Aversion
Labonne’s Market (Prospect) | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ, Line Aversion, Yeesh! Danny Boy
Lally’s Fine Wine (Avon) | Line Aversion
Meadowbrook Spirit Shop (Coventry) | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ. Line Aversion, Equinox
Mo’s Wine & Spirit (Fairfield) | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ, Line Aversion
Mountaintop Liquors (Cheshire) | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ, Line Aversion
Ninety 9 Bottles (Trumbull) | Line Aversion
Ninety 9 Bottles (Westport) | Line Aversion, Danny Boy
Putnam & Vine (Greenwich) | Line Aversion, Equinox
Rick’s Wine & Spirits (Sharon) | Yeesh!
Sav-Rite Liquors (North Haven) | Line Aversion, Yeesh!
Southbury Package Store |
Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ. Line Aversion
Southington Wine & Spirits | Line Aversion
That’s The Spirit Shoppe (Essex) | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ
Torringford Package Store (Torrington) |
Line Aversion
Warehouse Wine & Liquor (Danbury Mill Plane Rd) | Line Aversion, Yeesh!
Whole Foods Bishops Corner (W Hartford) | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ, Danny Boy
Whole Foods Glastonbury | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ. Line Aversion, Danny Boy, Equinox
Whole Foods West Hartford | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ, Danny Boy
Whole Foods Westport | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ, Danny Boy
Worldwide Wine Cellar (Tolland) | Line Aversion, Equinox