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February 8 10:00 am - February 12 6:00 pm


Dortmund Export Inspired Lager | 6.1% abv

This is our third year producing Hörde, a Dortmund style export lager. An extremely under appreciated style that carries a stronger abv than most of the lagers we produce, well suited to the winter thaw while maintaining the comfortable refreshing character and prominent focus on Northeastern barley that we seek in our beers.

Hörde and Dortmund have an unlikely, yet strong connection to the brewery and our town. During the 19th century Dortmund Hörde and Kent both had a significant role in their local iron industries.

The iron furnace in Kent can still be seen at the Eric Sloan Museum, while the significantly larger iron foundry in Dortmund Hörde (where Barry’s great grandfather worked) has since been turned into a cultural space rife with breweries, art exhibits, and residential spaces.

As a brewery who believes in adaptive reuse and sustainably rethinking spaces we are proud to produce one of if not the only Dortmund Export style lagers in Connecticut. Hörde is available on draft, in cans, and kegs at the tasting room this weekend. Initial distribution details will be shared next week.


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