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July 3, 2019 - July 8, 2019

In addition to the release of Partage bottles, we will be releasing an exciting new beer on draft.

We’d like you to introduce you to Modern Posture; our very first Wheat Beer. .
Most simply put we’re really happy to have this one around for peak summer. It’s dry and super bright with a nifty balance of esters and spice. .

We brewed this beer with Endeavour pilsner from @valleymalt and a whole lot of @thrallfamilymalt wheat and kettle additions of Kent grown orange peel from our friends at @Swyft and a touch of white pepper. Fermented with a farmhouse yeast strain derived from Northern Europe tolerant of high fermentation temperatures this truly stands out as a unique addition to our brewery.

This batch was only packaged for draft so come on down to the tasting room and try a glass or fill up a growler to go.