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November 21, 2019 - November 23, 2019

Beginning tomorrow we will have bottles of three new oak aged stouts available in our tasting room for off site consumption. Bottled in February these beers have spent the past 9 months in our cellar and are ready for your holiday enjoyment.

Multiverse [Danish Cherry Wine].
Aged for 13 months in Frederiksdal wine barrels this 11.1% beer is dry enough to create aromas reminiscent of port wines, licorice and oak with intense waves of cherries heavily coated in dark chocolate.
240 bottles available.
$16 each. Limit 6 per person

Multiverse [Bourbon].
Aged for 13 months in bourbon barrels from Hillrock Estate Distillery in the Hudson Valley. Notes of of black strap molasses, brown sugar and caramel toffee.
240 bottles available.
$14 each. Limit 6 per person.

Orchard Noire.
A blend of imperial stouts aged in whiskey and apple spirit barrels. Deep roasted character with spiced aromatics conjure thoughts of cinnamon, apples and vanilla, Galois and cardamom.
320 bottles available.
$13 each. Limit 12 per person.