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March 7 10:00 am - April 25 6:00 pm

Coolship Campland

Fresh-hop Saison Aged in Coolship Barrels
2021 Harvest
Bottled January 2023

Coolship Campland began at our 2021 hop harvest festival and Campland brew-day, where we were joined by our friends from Counterweight Brewing to make our annual fresh-hop saison.  A portion of the batch was split off and aged in two of our coolship barrels; one which was given to us by Allagash Brewing for our 2019 collaboration and the other a coolship barrel used to make our own spontaneous beers.

After more than one year of aging, we bottled these two barrels independently of each other so their character can be retained and enjoyed in its entirety. Each barrel brings its own unique element of complexity to the light and floral nature of Campland.

Coolship Campland is available in the tasting room beginning March 7th.

Barrel 1 – Allagash Coolship barrel
Barrel 2 – Kent Falls Coolship barrel

Due to the limited quantity of barrel 2 bottles available only barrel 1 will be available for sale in our webstore.

Order Coolship Campland Here