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July 3, 2019

Partage translates to “to share”. At times, we will substitute an upcoming release for our usual “tour bier” for those that go on our weekly farm tour. Over the last few weeks we have been opening bottles of the second batch of Partage for some of our visitors to the tasting room.

On Wednesday July 3rd we will make these bottles, along with a limited number of magnums available to the all in our tasting room.

750 ml, $9 including tax. list 6 per person
1.5 l, $30 including tax, limit 1 per person

We first brewed Partage with the intent to have as light and impactful beer as possible ready for our 2017 hop harvest. A day where our community gathers on the farm to pick fresh hops for our annual Tiny House brew and celebrate the connection of agriculture and brewing. As we have not had access to hop pellitizers the vast majority of the hops we have dried have been whole cones and allowed to age in burlap to develop the soft funk and cheesy barn character that treats saisons like this so well.

This 3% beer is made with Valley pilsner malt, raw wheat, aged hops and water from our well. Fermented with house cultures and bottle conditioned with honey it’s hyper refreshing, funky, and perfect for holiday cookouts.

Here’s to a great holiday weekend!