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December 29, 2017 2:00 pm - December 30, 2017 5:00 pm

It’s been an incredible year and we’re closing it out with a very special release in the tasting room this Friday and Saturday.

We first met Dimitri from Baltic Bay Brewery while at Carnivale Brettanomyces in Amsterdam this summer. In October he and Eva spent a few days on the farm brewing, cultivating wild yeast, sampling barrels and talking about many things aside from beer. The beers that we produced are products of these conversations and time together.

Spry is a farmhouse ale is brewed with locally grown and malted barley, 100 lb of local rhubarb and 75 lb of foraged sumac then blended with one oak barrel of 12 month old spelt farmhouse ale. The result is a delicate acidity reminiscent of strawberries and lemons with undertones of vanilla.

Perfect for New Years 2018 and beyond.

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