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Artwork for 2023 beer


Our annual release to celebrate the completion of one year and beginning of the next. This year’s batch features the same base hop profile of aged-whole cone Simcoe® and Citra® with a fresh dry hop of Lorién; a brand new hop developed by our friends at Indie Hops in Oregon. Lorién brings a bright, breezy sense of fresh fruit to the delicate funk developed by our house yeast over the year the beer has matured before its release.

Brewed February 2022
Bottled May 2022
Released December 2022

Taste Profiles

Crisp / Clean
3 out of 5
Hoppy / Bitter
4 out of 5
Malty / Sweet
2 out of 5
Dark / Roasty
0 out of 5
Fruit / Spice
3 out of 5
Sour / Tart / Funky
3 out of 5