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Artwork for Surroundings 1 beer

Surroundings 1

Surroundings is a series of spontaneously fermented beers selected for capturing something especially unique and intriguing.

Surroundings 1.
Brewed April 8th 2015. / Bottled May 2019. 
This was actually the 5th batch of beer we made as a brewery back when we started in 2015. We brewed it in April after just getting our feet wet in our new commercial/agricultural environment. Looking back the other day, seeing the commissioning of our old milk chiller into a coolship where the farm didnt have any paving, the brewery was just finished being built, and so much of the farm was still in its wild overgrown state that I dont think we can ever make a beer quite like this again. It was full hearted throwing our best effort at it with no prior experience only what we’ve read and tasted.

This is a time piece. There were only two barrels filled from our first run through the coolship back in April of 2015. One was used in our first three year blend, Everything is Everywhere. The other, after an additional year of undisturbed rest is what we bottled for surroundings 1. It definitely has a bit of acid that developed through slow evaporation over the years which couples really nicely with the mature profile. You’ll certainly notice more hop presence and less acidity in the spontaneous beers that we have been brewing and blending over the past five years.