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July 27, 2021 - August 1, 2021

Distribution Details for the week of July 27.

This Thursday we will be hosting our very first Farmers Market in our tasting room! Our Hours will be the same, the market (and special beer release) will take place from 5-7pm.

Tasting Room Hours:
Thursday + Friday 2 – 7 pm
Saturday + Sunday 12 – 5 pm

If you cannot make it to the brewery, our self-distribution has you covered and will be delivering our latest beers across the State of Connecticut.

Danny Boy
A German inspired pilsner brewed with Northeastern grown Endeavor barley malt. Lagered for six weeks and lightly dry hopped with Callista for a beautiful floral tilt to a clean snappy pils.

Our very first Kolsch release is heading out to some of our best retailers, bars, and restaurants in the State. We’re excited to have this one available for summer – light fruit notes, sweet bready malt and a crisp hop character.

All Alone With Everywhere To Go : Strata
Our single hop pale ale series returns with one of our favorite hops; Strata! Strata is a big part of Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ but deserves a showcase of its own. This 5% pale ale is built to be smooth, juicy, and all about the incredible mix of pineapple and grapefruit notes that keeps us coming back to Strata.

Delve is unique amongst our IPAs because of its fermentation with a strain of Kveik; a yeast originating in northern Norway known for it’s accelerated fermentations which produces distinct orange blossom esters, and a slightly dryer finish. To accent these characteristics we mash a simple grist of Connecticut grown and malted grains, and implement a hop profile of citrus zest, rind and pine from Amarillo®, and Ella™. 

We will be restocking our retail partners with freshly canned Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ .

Made a combination of our favorite Northeastern/Connecticut grown malts from Valley and Thrall Family Malt, and hand selected hops from farms in NY (35%) and Oregon (65%).
Refreshing grapefruit, hints of pineapple, strawberry and orange with a little piney anchor to it.


To order these beers online for barnside pickup

Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ – $15 per four pack
Danny Boy – $14 per four pack
Kolsch – $14 per four pack
All Alone Strata – $15 per four pack
Buddy Sprinkles – $18 per four pack
The Hollow – $13 per four pack

all prices include tax

Visit our store for a full selection of our beer available for barnside pickup

Barnside Pickup + Tasting Room Hours (On Site Pours)
Thursday 2 – 7pm
Friday 2 – 7pm
Saturday 12 – 5pm
Sunday 12 – 5pm

Bars/Restaurants Receiving Deliveries

@ The Corner (Litchfield) | All Alone Strata, Danny Boy
Birch Hill Tavern (Glastonbury) | All Alone Strata
Celtic Cavern (Middletown) |
Danny Boy
Craft Kitchen + Bar (Danbury) | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ
Cover Two Sports Bar (Sandy Hook) | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ
Dockside (Milford) | All Alone Strata
Eastend Restaurant (Greenwich) | Delve, Danny Boy, Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ
Engine Room (Mystic) | Danny Boy
Five Corners Craft Bistro & Craft Bar (Farmington) | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ 
Hopkins Vineyard (New Preston)
| Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ, Delve, Danny Boy
Iron & Grain (W Hartford) | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ
J Timothy’s Tavern (Plainville) | Kolsch
Little City Pizza (Avon) | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ, All Alone Strata
Liv’s Oyster Bar (Old Saybrook) | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ, Yeesh!
Millright’s Restaurant (Simsbury) | Danny Boy, Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ
Rudy’s (New Haven) | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ
Sherkaan Indian Street Food (New Haven) | Danny Boy
Taco Co (Shelton) | Danny Boy
Ta’Que (Simsbury) | Kolsch
Terra (Greenwich) |
The Hollow
The Beamhouse (Glastonbury) | 
The Owl (New Preston) | Kolsch
The Tin Peddler (N Stonington) | Kolsch, Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ
Vaughan’s Public House (Hartford) | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ, Danny Boy
Widow Brown’s Cafe (Brookfield) | Danny Boy
Willimantic Brewing Co | Danny Boy, Delve
Zinc (New Haven) | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ


Retailers Receiving Deliveries

574 Wines (Monroe) | Danny Boy, Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ 
Ancona’s Wines (Ridgefield) |
Danny Boy, Kolsch, All Alone Strata
Bantam Market |
Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ, Danny Boy
BevMax New Milford | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ, Delve, Danny Boy
BevMax Stamford (Bedford St) | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ, Danny Boy
Bottle Shop (Unionville) | Kolsch, All Alone Strata
Brookside Discount Liquor (Bridgeport) | Danny Boy, Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ
Bulls Bridge Country Store (Kent) | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ, Danny Boy
Cap Cork & Cellar (Greenwich) | Danny Boy, Kolsch
Caraluzzi’s Nutmeg Discount Liquors (Bethel) | Danny Boy
Center Spirit Shoppe (Unionville) | Danny Boy
Coastal Wine & Spirits (Branford) | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ, Danny Boy
Cork Fine Wine (Torrington) | Danny Boy, All Alone Strata, Kolsch
Cornwall Package Store | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ, Danny Boy, Delve, Kolsch
County Wine & Spirits (New Preston) | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ
CT Beverage Mart (Wallingford) | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ, Delve
Enoteca Cassanova (New Haven) | Danny Boy, Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ, Kolsch 
GlenRo Spirit Shoppe (Monroe) |
Danny Boy, All Alone Strata
Glenville Wines (Greenwich) | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ, Danny Boy
Harry’s Wine & Liquor (Fairfield) | Kolsch, Danny Boy
Kaman’s Glastonbury | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ, Danny Boy
Kent Wine & Spirit | All Alone Strata, Danny Boy, Delve, Kolsch
Kindred Spirits & Wine (Fairfield) | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ 
La Bella Vita Wines (New Haven) | Danny Boy
Labonne’s Market (Woodbury) | Delve, Danny Boy, All Alone, Kolsch
LaRocca’s Country Market Wine (Stamford) | Danny Boy, Delve
Litchfield Hills Wine Market | Delve
Mo’s Wine & Spirits (Fairfield) |
Danny Boy, All Alone Strata, Kolsch, Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ 
Nejaime’s Wine & Spirits (Watertown) | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ, Kolsch, Danny Boy, All Alone Strata
Nejaime’s Wine & Spirits (New Milford) | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ
Ninety 9 Bottles (Norwalk) | Danny Boy
North Madison Wine Shop |
Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ, Danny Boy, All Alone Strata, Kolsch
Paradise Wine & Spirits (Old Saybrook) | Glitter Rainbow, Danny Boy
Rick’s Wine & Spirits (Sharon) | Danny Boy, All Alone Strata
Rowayton Wine Shop (Norwalk) | Danny Boy, Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ, All Alone Strata, Kolsch
Sharon Package Store | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ, Danny Boy, All Alone Strata, Kolsch
Spirits N Such (Danbury) | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ, Danny Boy, Delve, 
The Grapevine (Westport) |
Danny Boy
The Wine Thief (New Haven – Crown St) | Kolsch
The Wise Old Dog (W Hartford) | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ, All Alone Strata, Kolsch, Danny Boy
Torringford Package Store (Torrington) | Danny Boy, Delve
Total Wine & More (Norwalk) |
Danny Boy, All Alone Strata
Town Line Fine Wine (Stratford) |
Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ, Danny Boy
Village Wine Cellar | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ, Danny Boy, Kolsch
Warehouse Wine & Liquor (Danbury – Mill Plane Rd) | Danny Boy, Kolsch
Warehouse Wine & Spirits (West Haven) | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ, Delve
Whole Foods Bishop’s Corner | 
Danny Boy, All Alone Strata
Whole Foods Darien | Danny Boy, Kolsch
Whole Foods Glastonbury | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ, Danny Boy, All Alone Strata
Whole Foods Greenwich | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ, Danny Boy
Whole Foods Westport | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ, Danny Boy, All Alone Strata, Kolsch, Grise
Wine & Liquor Warehouse (Canton) | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ
Wine & Spirits @ Roxbury Station | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ, Glitter Rainbow, Danny Boy, Delve
Worldwide Wine & Spirits (Southington) | Danny Boy

To purchase from the brewery for barnside pickup visit