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Another year’s efforts to raise pigs in a manner that is respectful of the animal and our environment in order to produce the most intensely flavorful pork have come to a close; which means it is now time to feed our community!

Our pigs are raised in the pastures around our farm where they are always able to eat and root around in fresh grass for bugs and nutrients. As a supplement we offer them spent brewers grains and table scraps along organic/non-gmo feed and zero chemicals, drugs or additives.

You’ll notice a rich color to the meat and deliciously hearty fat content for all your searing pleasures. As part of our respect for the animal we believe in minimizing waste and offer unconventional cuts such as Jowl and lard in addition to more sought after and well known chops and loins. Bacon and other smoked cuts are at the smoker and only a few weeks away from making their debut.

Huge thanks to Katie from Plymouth Meats LLC on in Tarryville, CT and for the manner in which they do their work. Flowers by our friends and neighbors Anderson Acres Farm

Come for a beer, and leave with dinner.

Back Fat – $5
Boston Butt – $25
Country Ribs – $20
Ground – $10
Jowl – $12
Leaf Lard – $5
Loin Roast – $25
Neck Bones – $5
Pork Chops – $14
Sausage (sweet or hot) – $10
Spare Ribs – $14

We would love for you to tag us in the pictures of dinner’s you prepare, what beers you might pair it with and feedback of this year’s pork!
Use #kentfallspork on social media.