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What’s in a name?

Kent Falls inspires us.  Around well before anyone was living in these parts of the woods, it’s a symbol to us that it is not how long you have lived in a community that makes you a part of it, but rather what you do to enrich it.  To keep any natural resource beautiful and abundant requires proper stewardship.

Having only moved to Kent in 2012, we’re some of the newer kids on the block…  No question.  But we moved to Kent because we love the history, community, and beautiful surroundings it offered us.  Any town founded in 1739 has probably seen it’s fair share of brewers, after all it’s said colonists drank more beer than water!  But in recent history we’re certainly the first to be opening a full fledged brewery.  In naming our brewery Kent Falls Brewing Company, we embrace an iconic image of the town we live, farm, and brew in, and create a standard by which we will maintain the pristine quality of our land and water.


Even in winter the falls are beautiful!

If you haven’t taken a day and come to see our town, and visit the falls yet – we cannot urge you to do so enough!  And to that, we’ll toast.  Cheers!