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Breaking Ground

Opening up a brewery (especially one relatively off the grid on a farm) requires a tremendous amount of planning.  This week, all of that hard work begins the physical transformation of our farm from proposed brewery location to a beautiful brand new 2,400 square foot facility to serve as the home of Kent Falls Brewing Company for many years to come.

Construction preparation has quietly been taking place over the past week.  In order to make room for the new building, and allow the construction vehicles full range of motion some change had to come to existing buildings of the farm as well.  The old dairy barn, the structure that inspired our new building had to lose a little bit of weight.  The side shed, home to miscellaneous farming equipment had to be removed.

Image-1Sometimes, less is more.  The newly opened up brewery area is a really welcome change of pace on the farm, where most of the buildings sit very close to each other.  It also makes a nice pad for some grilling and an after work beer while looking into the brewery once it’s been completed.  The material from the side shed is going to be repurposed and used to patch up some holes in the rest of the barn, and create movable animal shelters around the farm.  Our long term vision to fix up the barn enough to reincorporate it into the brewery operation.

Unfortunately, some trees had to go as well.  One of our Chinese Chestnut trees had to be removed but we expect to be able to keep our larger Black Walnut tree that sits on the southwest corner of the building.


Once the construction area was cleared, it was time to bring in the big machines.


To see the construction process begin is incredibly exciting, and throughout the building process we’ll be sharing updates with you through the site, facebook and twitter so that you can stay up to date on our progress (and hopefully get excited too!).  I promise it gets more exciting than holes in the ground.