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Elevated Reformation

Double dry hopped pale ale. More body than many of our beers yet a restrained alcohol level to allow the big hop rates and balanced malt character to come through.

<p>Batch 1 – packaged 8/1/17</p>
<p>This beer was brewed as a celebration of Connecticut’s last dry town beginning to serve beer. One of our brewers grew up in the town, and for him to brew a beer and have it available on draft where he grew up is a welcome sign of change and homecoming. ]

Taste Profiles

Crisp / Clean
4 out of 5
Hoppy / Bitter
5 out of 5
Malty / Sweet
2 out of 5
Dark / Roasty
1 out of 5
Fruit / Spice
1 out of 5
Sour / Tart / Funky
1 out of 5
Flavor Profile
Aging Method