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Campland is back!

Mark your calendars.
Our annual Hop Harvest Festival returns August 29th!

To celebrate, our two latest vintages of Campland, our fresh hop farmhouse ale made during the festival will be available this weekend at the brewery for on-site pours and bottles to take home.

Campland is named for the area in which our brewery sits; homesteaded by the Camp family in the 1700s. Harvest festivals have long been a part of local culture and we are thrilled to carry the tradition on by inviting friends, family, industry and community members to help us hand pick our hops as we make our one batch of Campland for the year.

Last year, without the ability to invite our community we were thankful to be able to create a safe space for our friends from @freakfolkbier to join us from Vermont and make Campland 2020. A simple grist of Northeast grown Enedeavor barley and Vermont triticale, freshly picked Campland Brewers Gold and Chinook hops, that was fermented in stainless steel with mixed cultures from our respective breweries. A 3.8% bright hop forward table beer with citrus, floral expressions. A special thanks is due to @smokedownfarmhops for the early morning harvest assistance.

Campland 2020 – 750ml bottles, $12 each including tax.

Along with our most recent vintage we have bottles of Oak Aged Campland, a portion of our 2019 Collaboration with @allagashbrewing that was fermented in Allagash Coolship barrels with wild yeast from our breweries and allowed to mature for one year before bottling. The time in oak creates layers of complexity and structure to such a small beer. We are honored to have these barrels on our farm, and so excited to finally be able to share this beer!

Oak Aged Campland 2019 – 375ml bottles, $10 each including tax.
Additional information and ticket availability for our hop harvest festival will be released in the coming weeks.
Bottles can be pre-ordered at Pickup must occur this week during regular tasting room hours.See you at the farm!