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The building inspector has left the building.  And guess what…

We passed inspection!

A piece of paper we have all been waiting a long, long time for.

No more septic systems or bathrooms to install.  No more driveways to widen, concrete pads to pour or parking spaces to paint.  No more zoning, building or health department approvals to be had.  It’s finally time to open our doors! (please keep reading – don’t jump in your cars just yet)

Grant likes to pose for headshot while Bruce and Matt getting the concrete poured for our new loading dock/handicap accessible parking area.
We can always count on Farmer John for enthusiasm about getting a project done right
Ready to go!

On June 11, you are officially invited to our GRAND OPENING!  And moving forward the brewery will be open during the warmer months on Saturdays from 11am-5pm for you to see the farm, brewery and purchase what beers we are releasing that weekend.  As mentioned in our previous post, we will continue to have beer at the New Milford Farmers Market (smaller quantities) and chicken available at the farm despite the simultaneous hours of operation.

We have a special bottle release planned for the grand opening, along with some other great beer but those announcements will come early next week along with some other important information to know before making your way out here.  The focus here is to simply share the good news, announce the big day, and say we finally did it!

This was no small task, and took a tremendous amount of effort and patience from many people in and outside of our company – so we would be nuts to not thank those involved for their help in making our vision a reality.  We are grateful to have worked with such talented professionals who we proudly call friends, and part of the Kent Falls Brewing family.  Let me tell you – if you ever find yourself opening a farm brewery to the public in a State where that’s not a thing, don’t hesitate to ask for a referral.  You won’t get any better than these guys:

Farmer John, can’t say enough about this guy. 

Bruce Osborne, legend in an excavator and marketing genius.


Stephen Lasar, architect

Champ Perotti, plumber

Chris Allen, civil engineer

Mark Lenz, electrician

Matt Yetman

Town of Kent Zoning and Planning Board, Building Dept.

Torrington Area Health District.

And of course all of our accounts for dealing with the ripple effects of changes to production and delivery schedule.

So mark your calendars and stay tuned… even more fun announcements soon!!