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Hop Harvest!

Every day the brewery and the farm work together to make this place go; sharing tractors and fork lifts, spent grain being brought out to the composting area, sensory tests in the hop yard, and sitting down for a beer with each other after a hard day’s work to maintain our sanity.  There is one day however, where the collaboration is celebrated, connection between farms and brewing, and the joy that we get out of doing this can be shared with whoever would like to come.  That day is our hop harvest festival!

Pick me! Pick me!

So what happens at the hop harvest?

For starters, we pick hops.  We’ll be going down the rows, taking down the bines and bringing them over to picnic tables where all those in attendance are invited to help us pick hops.


Over the course of the day there will be live music, some beers being poured, and of course the main event (food wise) is a Camps Road Farm Raised pig roast! Along with some chickens and sides as well.


There will not be any formal tours but the entire staff will be on site, and there to answer questions and chat.

Don’t you brew a beer also?

YES.  Last year we brewed a collaboration with our friends Jason and Mike from Bacchus, this year they are on the verge of opening up Hudson Valley Brewery.  We’ll be brewing another mixed fermentation harvest ale.  What’s that mean?  Once the hops are picked and a bucket is filled it gets brought right into the brewery and thrown in the whirlpool.  At the end of the day we’ll have thrown in over a hundred pounds of hops and have almost 20 bbl of this year’s batch primed for fermentation.


Will there be bottle sales?

Yes. We will be releasing a special beer at the harvest, and have our other bottles and cans readily available for purchase. All the information is available on the store page…

I’m SOLD.  How do I buy a ticket?

We hope to see you there!